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Hey there,
Are you ready to become good with money?

We, mothers, are incredible in so many areas, but we seem to doubt ourselves when the topic is money!

I can help you become good with money in your pocket and your mind so you can lead your family confidently - a truly Chief Financial Mom. 

JOIN the CFM Academy waitlist TODAY, and we will let you know when the doors open!

By engaging with the content, participating in the live group coaching calls, asking questions, and being willing to learn or try things you have never done before, your life will be transformed! 

CFM Academy Waitlist

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process where a coach supports you in making a change, learning something new, or achieving your goals. By implementing the tools we will discuss in our membership group, you will achieve life-changing results.   

How will it Benefit you?

With the self-coaching model, you will be able tot look at the beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back from the confident life you want. And most importantly, will be able to choose how to think so you can keep making continuous progress in your life. 

With the CFM Academy, you will have a community to share your concerns,  receive support, and learn how to truly become good with money and live the life you want

Here are the features available to members.

Focused Content

Live Group Coaching

Ask Maddie 24/7 Access

Private Coaching 

We will cover different topics monthly. I'll break down the math, discuss practical ways to apply it, and explore the mindset component using the self-coaching model. 

Live Group Coaching is a live call via zoom where you and other members bring questions and are coached live. Even if you are not the one being coached, listening to others being coached helps you with your own circumstances and learn how to coach yourself more effectively. 

Not sure if you want to be coached live? Bring your questions to me on the Ask Maddie Page anytime, 24/7. I will answer them, and you will also have access to previously answered questions. 

If you want more privacy or individual accountability check out the “private coaching” option and schedule a 20-minute session.   

Become a
Chief Financial Mom!

I'm here to help you!

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