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The Model and Your Money

 FREE Class   

In this class, I am going to teach you the Self-Coaching Model, a tool that can help you examine your mindset, take control of your emotions, and get the results you want.   


                 Remember:  Being good with money is more than learning the math behind money. It has to do with managing your finances and your mind in a way that will get the results you want in life.  

You got this! And I am here to help you.  

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Are you ready to be good with money?  

Join CFM Academy today, and I will help you learn the skills and tools you need to become one!

At the CFM Academy, we cover topics such as: 

Financial Success

Building Relationships
Emotional Regulation
Money Management Basics


Planning for the Future

Making Peace with the Past

Strengthening our Faith
Habit Changes
Parenting with Peace

Overcoming Overspending 

Accepting Others' choices

Dealing with Difficult People
Confident Decision Making


Mother and Son

The CFM Academy Includes:

  • Weekly live classes and coaching offered in English and Portuguese

  • Replays available for all calls.

  • Live Group Coaching calls where you can be coached or learn from hearing others being coached.

  • Bring your questions to live calls or post them anonymously in the chat.

  • Free private coaching 

  • Submit questions in writing anytime you want more help.

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