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Episode #14: Using Opportunities to Grow and Learn with Zil Eiler

Episode Notes and Links and Stuff Example

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Zil Eiler comes from a family of entrepreneurs where she learned foundational business concepts at a very young age. She launched her very first business at the age of 16 while studying Business Administration as a freshman in College in São Paulo, Brazil. Besides creating businesses, she has also worked in Corporate America where she received Top Sales and production awards. Today she lives in So Cal with her 3 kids and hubby, and has focused her efforts in Coaching coaches and entrepreneurs to gain the confidence, mindset shifts and skills necessary to build a successful business their way.

To save page space, I wonder if there's a way to add a tab up top to switch the language... make it easier for the portuguese episodes.

This is where the player/links for the podcast will go. Since the Buzzsprout player doesn't work for mobile, I figured using this to show share links as well as the player would work. Have not added yet to check with mom first.

Episode Transcript:

This is where the transcript will go. Can't add a scroll bar to the text box, so text box will end up being very long. Looks like Wix made that decision consciously, not as an oversight. Anyways, just gonna add some filler text to fill this out and be able to add a box around this text.

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