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Many mothers are dealing with stress and anxiety because of money problems.

Strasburg Coaching helps mothers become the most financially savvy women by teaching skills and tools they need to lead their families. 

After going through the CFM Academy Coaching program,  you will know how to manage your money and mind in a way that brings you peace and will transform your life. 

Let me help you become the Chief Financial Mom of your family! 

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Find some different options below on how we can help you become the

Chief Financial Mom of your family.

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One-on-One Coaching

Individualized support, guidance,

and encouragement  

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Financial Confidence Course

Get the knowledge and mindset you need to transform your life.

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CFM Academy  

A community of women developing the attributes necessary to become the most financially savvy moms.

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Unsure which program is best for you?

I understand your pain! 

I used to constantly worry about money, and that put a strain on my marriage and family. 

As a Certified Money and Life Coach, I can help you

get the knowledge and tools you need to become the most financially savvy mom around!

More About Me.

Posso te ajudar em português também!

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Debt, not being able to make ends meet, and lack of savings can cause stress and anxiety. 

 No wonder tension over personal finances is the second leading cause of divorce in America!

You don't need to live like this! 

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Stop Worrying About Money

If you have been worrying about the recession lately, this list will help you prepare for it and create the financial security you need at any time! 

Working on one item at a time, you will feel more PEACEFUL and SECURE with your life on your way to becoming the Chief Financial Mom of your family!


Mom and a Child

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