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The Real Reasons You Are Broke and How to Change That

Watch Here the Workshop that Could Change your Financial Life 

 In this Workshop, you will

  • learn about a 3-step process to start rewriting your financial story. 

  • Recognize your money beliefs that are holding back your financial success.

  • learn that achieving a lasting change in your financial life is an integrated process that includes developing many areas of your life, not only the money math.  

 If a prosperous, peaceful, and abundant life is what you want, I can help you get there through my 6-month program, The CFM Academy. 

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Are you ready to become good with money?  

Join CFM Academy today, and I will help you learn the skills and tools you need to become one!


Strengthening our Faith

Working with our thoughts and beliefs about money

Building Relationships
Emotional Regulation
Money Management Basics


Planning for the Future

Making Peace with the Past

Habit Changes
Overcoming Overspending 

Accepting Others' choices

Having a vision for your Family
Confident Decision Making
Learning and continue growing

Teaching the next generation

Mother and Son

At the CFM Academy, we work on finding and developing 

attributes that will transform your financial life one week 

at a time


The CFM Academy Includes:

  • 9 Module of lessons and Challenges that you can follow at your own pace

  • Weekly Challenges to practice what we discussed in the lessons

  • Live Group Coaching calls where you can be coached or learn from hearing others being coached.

  • Replays are available for all calls.

  • Bring your questions to live calls or post them anonymously in the chat.

  • Submit questions in writing anytime you want more help

  • Facebook Group Community where you can interact with other women on the same journey for support and encouragement

Do you need extra-help? 

With the VIP Option, you will get EVEN MORE!  

Weekly Private Coaching Sessions so we can address YOUR individual needs. 

Young Businesswomen

You will receive individualized support and guidance every step of the way. 

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