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These free forms can help track your progress in the various stages of your financial journey. 

$1000 Emergency Fund.jpg

$1000 Emergency Fund

3-6 Month Emergency Fund.jpg

3-6 Month Emergency Fund

Lump Sum Payment Form.jpg

Lump Sum Payment Form

Recommended Percentages.jpg

Recommended Percentages

Allocated Spending Plan.jpg

Allocated Spending Plan

Monthly Cash Flow (1).jpg

Monthly Cash Plan

Credit Card History.jpg

Credit Card History

Credit Card Pay Off.jpg

Credit Card Pay Off

Debt Snowball.jpg

Debt Snowball

Debt Snowball Plan.jpg

Debt Snowball Plan 

Irregular Income Planning.jpg

Irregular Income Planning

7 Baby Steps.jpg

7 Baby-Steps

New to Me Car Savings Tracker.jpg

Car Savings

Auto Loan Pay Off.jpg

Auto Loan Pay Off

Student Loan Pay-Off.jpg

Student Loan Pay Off

Student Loan Pay Off Tracker.jpg

Student Loan Pay Off

Vacation Savings Tracker.jpg

Vacation Savings

Savings Tracker.jpg

Savings Tracker 

Home PayOff.jpg

Home PayOff

Future Home Down Payment.jpg

Home Down Payment

Thought Download.jpg

Thought Download

Download De Pensamentos.jpg

Download de Pensamento

Habit Tracker.jpg

Habit Tracker

3-Habit Tracker.jpg

3-Habit Tracker

Hourly Planner.jpg

Hourly Planner

Daily habit Tracker.jpg

Daily Habit Tracker

Grocery List.jpg

Grocery List 

Weekly Menu Planner.jpg

Weekly Menu 

Loan Pay Off.jpg

Loan Pay Off 

Best Time to Buy.jpg

Best Time to Buy


Ep.10 Worksheet - How to Prosper in Times of Financial Setbacks 

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